Marketing & Sales Resources, Inc.

Job Seekers

Marketing & Sales Resources, Inc. represents the best interests of the candidate and the company bringing them together for successful employment.

We are there to provide guidance to the candidate through the entire interviewing process right through the final job offer. Before meeting with a company, our recruiters prepare you for your interview to give you the best chance for success.

When an offer for the position is made, your recruiter will be doing the negotiating on your behalf based on prior discussions. By doing it this way, we have candidates start employment in a positive frame of mind. This way we mediate between the two parties and can start it off as a positive relationship between the candidate and company. Our main goal is to get you hired in a position, and for a career, that you are excited and motivated for.

What Client's Say

Marketing & Sales Resources, Inc. is exceptional at quickly delivering powerful results on hard-to-find searches. They are direct and focused in their approach and consistently produces excellent results.

Really enjoyed working with Marketing & Sales Resources, Inc. Brought multiple opportunities to the table, that were perfectly matched. Would not hesitate to work with them again.

In my job search Marketing & Sales Resources has been one of the most responsive, organized and on-top-of-it recruiting firms I've worked with. They have gone out of their way to keep me updated and find a fit that works for both me and prospective employers.

Marketing & Sales Resources, Inc. are great recruiters. I appreciated that they stayed in touch with me throughout the hiring process. They also paid attention to the personal details that made the difference for me. They know their roles very well and is great to work with. I will always be happy to talk with them again in the future if the opportunity resents itself.